Welcome to my website! I'm a landscape photographer and novelist, interpreting the American West and Midwest for over thirty years. As a writer I was inspired by the essays of Sigurd Olson describing the canoe country of northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, and Wallace Stegner reflecting on the West from the Canadian plains to the Grand Canyon. My interest in photography was piqued when I attended a lecture by Ansel Adams, who had just published "Yosemite and the Range of Light." Over the years I've attended workshops with outstanding photographers like Craig Blacklock, Galen Rowell, Bill Fortnoy, Keith Walklet and Tom Bol. All have given me a sense of wild lands and how they touch the human spirit, providing a context to my own discoveries.

SIGNED, LIMITED FINE ART PRINTS: Please CONTACT me.  I work closely with my printers to produce the finest prints available on archival papers. We employ Photoshop to apply traditional darkroom techniques -- dodging, burning, cropping, color balance and saturation -- to bring the most out of each image.